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    The 80/20 Rule - What is it?
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The 80/20 Rule - What is it?
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The 80/20 rule. The 80/20 principle. Also known as The Pareto Principle. So… What is it? We are about to find out...

The Pareto Principle first started as an observation and not a law of nature that most things in life are not distributed evenly. Well, in this video, you will learn what the 80/20 rule is and how vital this principle can really be for you when applied correctly into your life which has shown to drastically improve productivity in a lot of people’s lives.

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Originally, the Pareto Principle first started, as the story goes, in 1906 as an observation back in Italy by a man named Vilfredo Pareto. He noticed how 80% of Italy’s wealth belonged to only 20% of the population, and in a different case of how 20% of the pea pods in his garden produced 80% of the peas. In this video, by applying the 80/20 principle, your ability to better control your time on what yields the most results will help YOU IMPROVE DRASTICALLY.

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